What is Solena for?
Service to empower farmers to monetize their land using nature in their favor.

A healthy soil is a fertile soil with less problematic and more profitable crops. The health and fertility of your soil are related to the microbiodiversity that lives in it, we call this Biological Capital. Our methodology guarantees the recovery and increase of the Biological Capital in favor of the farmers' economy.

incremento del Capital Biológico a favor de la economía de los agricultores
What is Solena?
The methodology to recover the health of your soil in 3 steps:
Análisis microbiológico que determina tipos de microorganismos (Hongo, Bacteria y Nemátodos) y sus concentraciones de benéficos y patógenos.
1. Measurement of Biological Capital

Microbiological analysis that determines types of microorganisms (Fungus, Bacteria and Nematodes) and their concentrations of beneficial and pathogenic.

What does the measurement kit contain?
Análisis de antagonismo que determina el grado de antagonismo que tiene un agente de control biológico contra otro patógeno
2. Valuation of Biological Capital

Analysis of antagonism that determines the degree of antagonism that a biological control agent has against another pathogen.

How does the service work?
Las cepas nativas con el mejor potencial de recuperar la salud del suelo son fermentadas y formuladas para su reincorporación.
3. Profitability of BC

The native strains with the best potential to recover soil health are fermented and formulated for reincorporation.

What is the profitability of BC?
kit de muestreo para la medición del Capital Biológico
What does the kit contain?
The sampling kit for the measurement of Biological Capital contains:
  • 100 gr. Measuring spoon
  • 5 sterile sampling bags
  • Cleaning solution
  • Instructions for use
  • The price of the kit includes shipping guides
Order kit
How does Solena work?
These are the steps to monetize your Biological Capital
Order your sampling kit

or schedule a visit from our executives.

Receive results of Measurement and Valuation

First microbiological and antagonism analysis.

Choose your profitability plan

Increment Approach [BC+] or Control [BC-].

Start profitability of the BC

Formulation and start of custom project.

Receive follow-up reports

Second microbiological and antagonism analysis.

You have guarantee of effectiveness

Profitability from new information.

What is the profitability of Biological Capital?
The profitability of the Biological Capital consists of balancing the concentration and quantity of beneficial microorganisms and pathogens in the soil.
BC Positive approach
Increase of
beneficial [BC+]

It seeks to rapidly increase those native microorganisms that have a beneficial activity for the crop and soil.

BC Negative approach
Control of
pathogens [BC-]

Incorporation of native microorganisms with proven antagonist activity against pathogens of interest for culture is optimized.

More doubts?
1. What are the components of the service?
  • Biological Capital Measurement Kit
  • Results of Measurement and Valuation of biological capital (analysis)
  • Fermentation and formulation of native strains
  • Measurement of intermediate and final Biological Capital (from 3 to 6 months)
  • Ferment technical sheet
  • Order here, and receive the sampling kit
  • Identify the elements that make up the kit: measuring scoop (100gr), 5 sterile sampling bags and cleaning solution.
  • The objective is to collect 5 soil samples composed of 5 to 7 scoop measurements obtained in 5 to 7 different sampling points.
  • To get each sample clean your hands with the cleaning solution, choose a sampling point, remove a 2 cm layer of soil, take the scoop measurement and deposit it in the sampling bag.
  • Repeat the procedure in the following random sampling points, walking in a zig-zag, until obtaining the 5 composite samples.
  • Place the 5 composite samples in the kit, register it with your Solena executive and request the shipping guide.
  • Each sampling bag serves to sample up to 5 hectares.
  • The total sampling capacity for each kit is 25 hectares.
  • Contract of service
  • Letter of declaration of inert ingredients of ferment
  • Letter of NO use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • Fermentation process letter
  • Ferment sheet with the folio of each native microorganism to be conserved
  • Analysis of microbiology by lot (quality and harmlessness)
  • Measurement of Biological Capital
  • Valuation of Biological Capital
  • Profitability of Biological Capital
  • Schedule of activities
We increase your Biological Capital
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