Say goodbye to chemical pesticides that harm the environment and
produce year-round
Do not change the location of your projects,
the solution is here
Request your microbiological analysis and
know your soil
We want to make your soil profitable without chemicals

Solena is a Mexican company committed to providing security and confidence to farmers through a service of advice and monitoring of their crops, accompanied by the best biological and organic inputs, providing efficient and timely solutions.

Solena Service
Solena Methodology:
Steps to monetize your Biological Capital
Step 1

We measure your Biological Capital.

Análisis Microbiológico
Microbiological analysis: We measure the concentration of beneficial organisms and pathogens
Step 2

We value your Biological Capital.

Análisis de Antagonismo
Beneficial strains vs Pathogenic strains to identify biocontrol potential
Step 3

We make your Biological Capital profitable.

rentabilización del capital biológico
The profitability of CB consists of balancing the concentration and quantity of beneficial microorganisms and pathogens in the soil.
Benefits of choosing Solena
Say goodbye to chemical pesticides
Increase your production all year
Improve the health of your soil
Improve the quality of your products
Care for the ecosystem and biodiversity
ROI for investing in biotechnology
They already capitalize on their Biological Capital
mr. lucky rentabiliza su capital biológico
ANEBERRIES rentabiliza su capital biológico
grupo los cerritos rentabiliza su capital biológico
proagro rentabiliza su capital biológico
puma golf rentabiliza su capital biológico
hortifrut rentabiliza su capital biológico
fira rentabiliza su capital biológico
wholesum rentabiliza su capital biológico
We increase your Biological Capital
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